Omar Moctar (Bambino)

As I sat chatting away with Mitch at Mo Hair (best men’s hairdresser east side of Glasgow by the way!), an amazing sound laden with sumptuous 4th fret strumming crept into our conversation. The music was familiar, folk, but the language was disorienting! It sounded like arabic, but wasn’t quite.

I later found out that it was by a Saharan artist called Bambino (or Omar Moctar) and the album being played was his latest called ‘Agadez‘.

It’s a fantastic fusion of folk, blues, rock, raggae (yes, raggae!)and native saharan music.

Know what? I’m going to be bold and claim right now that Omar is a blend of John Martyn and Jeff Buckley, reincarnated!

A great find on a Saturday morning!


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